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Yakima - KingJoe 3-Bike Rack

Yakima - KingJoe 3-Bike Rack

Yakima - KingJoe 3-Bike RackView Larger Image


4.3 stars
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If you’re a frequent rider who wants trunk rack versatility along with ultra-strong steel construction, the KingJoe is for you. It has the padded feet and buckles, and the Quick-Trigger™ hub system that makes installation a breeze. As far as your bikes are concerned, it’s a royal mode of transport.

  • Quick Trigger Hub System makes installation a snap
  • Fits the broadest range of vehicles of any Yakima strap rack
  • 3 bike capability
  • Narrow arm design fits a wide variety of bikes
  • Premium Tri-Padded feet and padded metal buckles protect your car’s paint job
  • Integrated StableCradles hold bikes firmly in place
  • Six-strap system holds everything securely in place, even if your car has a spoiler
  • Folding arms on the KingJoe make storage easy. As opposed to folded arms on you, which make you look bored during job interviews
  • Includes glass hatch hooks for glass trunk or gate mounts
  • Download KingJoe 3 instructions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How many bikes will it carry?
    A: The KingJoe 3 carries a maximum of 3 bikes, 60 lbs. Total. See the Fit List and instructions for recommendations for your vehicle.

    Q: My car isn’t listed on the fit sheet; can I still use the rack?
    A: If your car isn’t listed in the Fit List, you can follow the instructions for “Unlisted vehicles”. We only make fit recommendations based on what we have tried and tested. If you use the Unlisted vehicle instructions, keep in mind that Yakima cannot warranty any installation on any vehicle that is not listed in the Yakima Fit List or on the Joe Fit Sheet.

    Q: How do I know if it is secure?
    A: Refer to the product instructions for mounting instructions, warnings, and safety checks. Make sure to retighten the upper straps after loading your bikes.

    Q: Will it fit my bike?
    A: The Joe’s were designed for maximum versatility, however there will be some bikes that are too small or have unique features that prevent it from being mounted. When in doubt, test fit your bike at a dealer before you purchase.

    Q: What else will I need to use this rack?
    A: Certain vehicles might require the use of Glass Hatch Hooks, so check the Fit List for recommendations for your vehicle. Glass Hatch Hooks are included with your product.

    Q: My car has a spoiler; will the KingJoe 3 still work with it?
    A: Maybe. First check the Fit List to see if there are any notes for your car regarding spoilers. If we don’t say anything about it, you’ll have to make the call and it will be at your own risk. If any part of the carrier contacts the spoiler, do not use this product. Be sure to test it out with bikes loaded.

    Q: Do I need any tools to put the KingJoe 3 on my car?
    A: The only thing you’ll need is a tape measure.

    Q: The arms seem to move around a bit. Is this normal?
    A: Yes. The arms naturally have some play around where they fold. This does not affect bike stability. Do not attempt to lighten up screws to eliminate this play, as over-tightened can cause parts to bind.



Product Reviews

Customer Reviews
Customer Rating:  4.3 stars based on 6 reviews
Customer Rating:
Nice By Chris Swerter from Boulder, CO

Arrived quickly. Pretty easy to set up for the first time, and is extremely easy after that. Mounts very securely to my Honda Accord.

Customer Rating:
Fits Nissan Rogue By Alexei Isac "alexei" from Nashua, NH

Easy to use and is well padded to prevent damage to vehicle. It fit my Nissan Rogue perfectly. Its easy to put on and take off.

Customer Rating:
Haven't used much, but that's not the rack's fault! By Loaf from Denver, CO

Works great and is easy to put on and take off. Exactly what is needed.

Customer Rating:
Nice rack By David Hilbert

It's easy to set up and fits my difficult to fit car (2001 Honda Odyssey). With two bikes it's very solid and even with three it works well.

Customer Rating:
Sways way to much, go with a roof rack instead By Gilbert Chan

I originally purchased this bike rack because of the overwhelming reviews on Amazon. However, when I finally put the rack and bike onto the car, it felt unstable. I drove it about 10 miles on the freeway, and watched it sway a little in my rear view mirror. What's worse is that the bottom support foam was sitting on my bumper and caused my bumper to sag. This product does not work very well for the Lexus IS300. I use this in conjuction with the Yakima Crossbeam Adapater, with my girlfriends women's bike. The crossbeam did not hold the frame enough and caused the bike to sway while on the rack. I ended up purchasing a roofrack with the Yakima King Cobra instead. Around $380 used price, i was way more satisfied with that solution. If you must a trunk rack, I heard the Saris version is better (but it rests on your bumper, so that may be an issue for some cars).

Customer Rating:
Scion xB Perfect Fit By ScrmblrMax "BJJ/MMA Wannabe" from Delaware

This fits my Scion xB perfectly, it is a very challenging vehicle design (think box), and I didn't want to go with a roof rack. Putting a dirty mountain bike on the roof of my (nice paint job) car just hurts. The only con for this rack is that there is really no way to lock it to your car. If someone unhooks the straps they can take your rack and bike (with the bike locked to the rack).

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